Noosa – 19 Wonderful New Students – 16th January

A Diverse Tapestry: Welcoming 18 New Students to Lexis English in Noosa!

As the sun sets over the picturesque town of Noosa, Lexis English is buzzing with excitement as it welcomes 18 new students to embark on their General English courses. Hailing from different corners of the globe, this diverse group promises to bring unique perspectives, cultures, and languages to the vibrant language-learning community.

Within this cultural fusion, there is a spirited Brazilian enthusiast, six eager learners immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland, six students with a taste of the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan, one individual representing Thailand, another from the vibrant landscapes of Colombia, an Italian explorer, a passionate Spaniard, a French finesse brought by one Francophone, and one adventurer from Argentina.

The General English program at Lexis Noosa has always been a popular choice for students seeking a comprehensive and immersive language learning experience. This term is no exception, as nineteen (19) bright and motivated individuals step into the classrooms, each bringing their unique cultural perspectives to enrich the dynamic learning environment.

Among the new faces are:

  • Akua from Japan
  • Pedro from Brazil
  • Cristina from Switzerland
  • Alba from Spain
  • Mao from Japan
  • Viola from Italy
  • Pattarawut from Thailand
  • Anna from Switzerland
  • Kaoru from Japan
  • Evance from France
  • Shusuke from Japan
  • Toka from Japan
  • Michiko from Japan
  • Nadja from Switzerland
  • Yannick from Switzerland
  • Matthias from Switzerland
  • Camilo from Colombia
  • Robin from Switzerland
  • Valentin from Argentina

New Students

As these 19 students embark on their language learning journey at Lexis English in Noosa, they not only bring their unique linguistic backgrounds but also a wealth of cultural diversity. The classroom is transformed into a microcosm of the world, where languages, customs, and traditions converge, creating an enriching environment that transcends linguistic boundaries. Together, they will undoubtedly make Lexis English in Noosa a hub of global connections, fostering friendships that go beyond language acquisition.

Welcome to Lexis Noosa, where language learning is an adventure!

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