New Starters! January 9th

Welcome to the twenty five new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!


Fabian is from Switzerland and worked there as an electrician in the city of Visp. He is very sporty and enjoys floorball, snowboarding, football and ice hockey. He is here with us at Lexis for 3 weeks and he will then travel the East Coast of Australia up to Cairns!

Felipe is from Brazil and lives with his sister. He likes to swim, surf, run, walk and listen to music. He wants to improve his English so he can study gastronomy in Australia or another country. He chose to study in Australia because of the waves and natural beauty!

Lucie is from Switzerland and lives with her mother, father, two sisters and brother. She spent the summer in England before returning to Zurich to work in a famous sausage factory. She  is very happy to be in Australia and loves the beach, climate, animals and people! Once she has finished her Australia trip she s going to return to Zurich to study medicine.

Luisa is from Switzerland and lives in Zurich. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing volleyball. She worked as a team assistant for a big company before flying to Sydney where she spent 8 weeks. When she returns to Switzerland she would perhaps like to get a job that involves her speaking English, so studying here at Lexis will be a great way for her to achieve this!

Tim is from Switzerland and and lives with his parents and older sister. He enjoys running,riding a bike, gym, squash, snowboarding and skydiving! He worked as a carpenter and when he returns from Australia he will study engineering of woodwork. He choose to study in Byron so he can do skydiving in the afternoon!

Pius is from Switzerland and one of four in his family. He likes beach volleyball, badminton, snowboarding and surfing. He also enjoys going out with his friends for a beer! After finishing his studies he traveled Vietnam before coming to Byron Bay!

Olivier is is French and lives in New Caledonia. His favourite sports are kite surfing and surfing. When he has finished his studies he would like to be a pilot or a plane mechanic!

Pijcke is French and also lives in New Caledonia. He lives with his mum, who’s a teacher, his dad, who’s a farmer, and his sister. While he’s in Byron he would like to practice surfing. When he has completed his studies he would like to be a car mechanic!

Maria Elena is from Spain and enjoys reading, writing and watching TV series and movies. She worked for an important fashion brand in Spain in the visual merchandising department. She would like to improve her English for her job, so she is able to also work with stores in other countries!

Pauline is from Switzerland and lives with her mother, father and brother. She is a qualified beautician after studying for 3 years. She would like to improve her English as it is important for her job and will allow her to be able to communicate with a larger range of clients. In the future she would like to open her own institute!

Francesc is from Spain and loves surfing, skating and photography!  He studied Arts at High School, and would like to study Design when he returns to Spain. He chose to come to Lexis Byron Bay because of the surf, beach and sun!

Geonhoe is from Korea and goes by the name Eddie.His major in Korea was architecture engineering but he stopped this to work in an overseas sales group for a steel company. He wants to improve his English as it’s important for jobs in Korea. Whilst in Australia he hopes to surf, swim and visit Perth!

Nicolas is from Switzerland and lives in Berne. His hobbies include motor-cross, skydiving and surfing. He is a carpenter after studying for 4 years. He would like to improve his English for travel and a job within sports in the future!

Aila is from Switzerland and lives with her parents, two older brothers and two younger sisters. She loves volleyball, rock climbing and skiing. She wants to improve her English for her job at a train counter as she has to speak to a lot of tourists. She will study here for 7 weeks and then hopes to return to Australia again to travel!

Amelie is from Switzerland and enjoys horse riding, walking, reading and going out with her friends! She would like to improve her English for work and travel. She will be here for 3 months and then is going to travel for 5 months!

Saki is from Japan and enjoys reading, swimming, watching movies and playing tennis. Her dream is to be a Chartered Accountant so she would like to improve her English for this. She chose to study in Australia because of the nice beaches, view and food!

Tosca is from Switzerland and lives in Vescio. She loves animals, travel and going out with friends. She is a designer for civil engineering. She wants to improve her English for her travels!

Ana is from Brazil and loves exercising, going to the beach, reading and travelling. She decided to study here in Byron Bay as visiting Australia has always been her dream!

Martina is from Italy and she likes bush walking, music, shopping and reading books. She used to swim competitively but now just does it for fun. She also enjoys yoga, which is one of the reasons she chose Byron Bay.

Chiara is from Switzerland (the Italian part) and has just finished her apprenticeship in a bank. To further her career in a Swiss bank she needs to improve her English and she chose Australia to study because it’s such a beautiful place.

Sabrina is from Brazil and has been in Australia for a year. Her husband is a student in Byron Bay but she hasn’t studied until now. She wants to learn English so she can get a job as a nurse.

Junko is from Japan. She likes yoga and running and wants to learn English so that she can enjoy the Tokyo Olympics in 2018 and be able to communicate with people from all over the world. Her dream job is to work in real estate.

Ivo is from Switzerland and overslept this morning. Unfortunately, therefore, we don’t know much about him yet, but he tested at Pre-Intermediate and we look forward to getting to know him.

A huge warm welcome to everyone. Welcome to the Lexis Family.


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing or Yoga in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach.












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