New Starters! January 25

This week we welcome 8 new starters to Lexis Byron Bay!

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Ranieri, Sergi, Nicole, Marc, David, Anna and Raul

Raul Juanes Alamos is from Spain and he is 23 years old. He lives in Madrid and he likes surfing, skating and football. He also loves travelling and for this reason he is keen to improve his English. He chose to come to Australia because it’s a beautiful place with friendly people and good waves. He already has a job in Byron and in the future he plans to travel to Indonesia and the Philipines.

Marc Balzarini is from Switzerland and he enjoys skating and playing bass in a band. He used to work as a construction worker but now he is travelling and enjoying life. He chose Australia because the weather is great, the people are happy and the nature is beautiful.

Nicole Kappeler is also from Switzerland where she works as an orthopedic technician. Her hobbies include going to the gym, meeting friends, listening to music, enjoying nature and skiing. Coming to Australia has been her dream for a long time and Nicole hopes that improving her English will make travelling easier.

David Donath is from Switzerland and he loves swimming and playing guitar. At home he plays in a music group with his friends. He is taking a gap year now and during this time he will study at Lexis and then travel throughout Australia.

Ranieri Zomer is from Brazil and he has already been in Australia for a little while, because previously he studied at Lexis Noosa. He is a very keen surfer and the waves were one of the main reasons he decided to come to Byron Bay.



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