New Starters! January 17th

Welcome to the fifteen new students joining us at Lexis Byron Bay this week!

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Oscar is from Spain and is the youngest of five brothers. For the last year and a half he has been working as a receptionist in a hotel and before that he was working and studying tourism in England. He likes nature, reading, travelling and sports. He chose to continue studying English in Australia as he wants to learn about other cultures and experience new things!

Gabriela is from Brazil and has been in Australia for a month and a half. She enjoys outdoors activities, including surfing, walking and being around nature. She studied psychology and naturopathy at university and would like a career as a health professional. She is looking forward to making new friends and practicing her English in her time at Lexis Byron Bay!

Violette is from Belgium and lives with her mum, two dogs and four chickens. She studied Marketing in Brussels and when she returns would like to do a  Masters in this. She chose to study in Australia as she loves to travel, the weather is wonderful and the people are helpful! After she finishes her studies at Lexis Byron Bay she would like to travel around Australia and then Bali!

Misaki is from Japan and worked there as a supermarket manager. She enjoys reading, watching movies, drawing and travelling. She decided to study in Australia as she loves the nature and ocean. When she returns to Japan she would like to work for an NGO in immigrations!

Kanae is from Japan and worked there as the manager of a kimono shop. She loves playing the guitar, drawing and listening to music. Kanae would like to work on a farm in Australia after her studies at Lexis so she can get her second year visa and continue to practice her English!

Carola is from Italy and comes from a family of four. She enjoys going out with her friends, listening to music and sight seeing. Her main passion is swimming which she trains for every day and takes part in competitions. She studies physiotherapy at university and also works as a lifeguard back in Italy. She chose to study in Australia as she thinks it’s one of the most beautiful countries!

Marta is from Spain and enjoys spending time with her family at the beach or in the mountains. She also enjoys surfing, diving and travelling. She is studying English as it’s important for work in Spain as there’s lots of people form different countries there. She chose to study in Australia because of the happy people and beautiful nature!

Svenja is from Switzerland and and lives in a small village near Basle. She likes reading and spending time with friends.  She will study with us at Lexis for 4 months before returning to a new school in Switzerland to study science. She chose to study in Byron Bay as her friends told her how lovely it is here and she wanted to be somewhere warm!

Jasmin lives in Switzerland, in the German part. She loves to spend time with her family and friends and also does aerobics in her spare time. She works in at the town council in the social department; she finds this job very motivating as she likes to help and support people. She chose to study English in Australia as she has always wanted to visit here and she’d like to be able to talk to people from different nationalities!

Lena is from Switzerland and is in Australia for three months. She has worked for a bank in Switzerland for the last three years but when she returns she would like to work in a hospital or study economics. She is looking forward to her time here at Lexis Byron Bay and meeting new people!

Altea is from Italy and has completed many studies there, including Art, Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Strategic Management. She enjoys surfing, long walks and yoga. She would like to stay long term in Australia to discover new places and cultures; learning English is important for this as it will help her to find a job and travel around!

Reto is from Switzerland and lives in the mountains there. His hobbies include skiing in the winter and biking in the summer.  He works in a bank near Bern selling mortgages to people and enterprises. He hopes to improve his English in his three weeks here with us at Lexis and then travel around Australia for the nine weeks following that!

Fabian is from Switzerland, in the French part. His hobbies include skiing, skateboarding, playing drums and listening to music. After completing his electrician apprenticeship he went into the army. He’s hoping to improve his surfing aswell as English whilst in Australia. On his return to Switzerland he would like to study electrical engineering  and understanding English is important for that!

Sam is from Belgium and has just finished his secondary studies. He has spent four months in the North of Belgium learning Dutch and is now here with us at Lexis to learn to speak English more fluently! After his 3 months here in Byron Bay he would like to travel all around the continent!

Fabian is from Zurich in Switzerland. He enjoys football, basketball, surfing and skydiving! He studied Environmental Sciences in Zurich before joining the army. He chose to study in Byron Bay because of the weather and surfing. After his studies he would like to travel Australia and Asia!


We hope you all enjoy your time here with us at Lexis Byron Bay!!


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