Multicultural “Drop In” Every Wednesday

The Byron Harmony Team hold a “Multicultural Drop In” every Wednesday at the Byron Community Cultural Centre from 2pm to 4pm.

Yvonne Jessop from the Byron Harmony Group visited GV Byron Bay this week and extended an invitation to all students to come along to the Drop In which is held every Wednesday at 2pm. It will occasionally be incorporated into GV’s afternoon activities. The Byron Harmony Group is made up of local people –  many of them have moved here from overseas. The purpose of the group is to promote acceptance of other country’s cultures by celebrating them with events such as Harmony Day and the weekly drop in. At the drop in people bring their musical instruments and national dishes and have an afternoon of fun, food, music and lively conversation. At the drop in you can expect to see such things as digeredoo playing, flamenco dancing, an Indonesion Gamalan Band, food from many different countries and more. Yvonne has said that she would love our students to put on a presentation of their country’s culture whether it be a cooking or craft lesson or music and dancing. The Harmony Group will pay for all materials, ingredients and expenses! The Community Centre is located a short distance from GV Byron Bay – only five minutes walk, so why not come down next Wednesday and check out the drop in – you never know who you will meet and it is sure to be a lot of fun.

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