Noosa – Meet our Dynamic Starters – 20 November

Meet the Dynamic Starters at Lexis English Noosa: A Global Blend of Passion and Purpose.

Dynamic Group

Lexis English Noosa is buzzing with a fantastic group of starters from all walks of life, each with their own interests and a common goal of mastering the English language. This diverse mix of individuals weaves a rich tapestry of experiences, making the campus an exciting and inspiring place to learn.

Tamae: Conquering Peaks and Exploring the World Hailing from Japan, Tamae brings a wealth of life experience to Lexis Noosa. Having dedicated 35 years to teaching, she has transitioned into retirement with a zeal for adventure. Tamae’s passion lies in climbing mountains and trekking, making her an embodiment of resilience and determination. Her journey at Lexis is not just about language learning but also about exploring the world in her post-retirement escapades.

Emmanuelle: A Short but Intense English Immersion Hailing from Switzerland, Emmanuelle is on a brief but intensive English immersion journey at Lexis Noosa. Although her stay is short, her commitment to lapidate her English skills is unwavering. Emmanuelle has joined the PSGT group, ensuring that every moment is maximized for linguistic growth and cultural exchange.

Akari: Weaving English Fluency with Threads of Passion Another Japanese gem at Lexis Noosa is Akari, an office worker in the construction industry back in Japan. Despite being a seasoned visitor to Australia, it’s her third time here, drawn back by the warmth of the Australian experience. Akari’s leisurely walks are complemented by an unexpected twist—she is an avid knitter! Beyond her professional pursuits, she weaves threads of creativity into her life, crafting a unique blend of linguistic and artistic expression.

Lorena: The Swiss Nurse with a Love for Feline Companions From the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. Having explored Europe for three months, she always harboured a dream of studying English in Australia. Lorena’s journey transcends linguistic boundaries; it’s about embracing cultural exchange while cherishing the feline friends she left behind.

Leonie: Riding the Waves of Language and Adventure Swiss sensation Leonie, a fervent sports enthusiast, adds an adrenaline-fueled touch to Lexis Noosa. Particularly drawn to water sports, Leonie is diving into the linguistic waves at Lexis before embarking on an exciting road trip across Australia. Her journey isn’t just about mastering English; it’s about conquering the waters and roads, making every experience a thrilling adventure.

Lexis English Noosa is not just a language school; it’s a melting pot of global experiences, where individuals like Tamae, Akari, Lorena, Leonie, and Emmanuelle converge to create a unique and dynamic learning community. Their stories, passions, and pursuits exemplify the rich tapestry that makes Lexis Noosa an exciting and enriching destination for English language learners from around the world. As they embark on this linguistic journey, each starter adds a vibrant hue to the collective canvas of Lexis Noosa’s multicultural and multilingual community.

Lexis Noosa delivers academic excellence in Australia’s most desirable study location where you can combine your studies with the great outdoors. Studying at Lexis Noosa is more than an experience, it’s a lifestyle! If you want more information on the courses that we offer, click here.

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