Meet Ellie’s FCE class! In their own words…

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Alain likes motorbike, especially race track. He gives instruction about riding on race track. He wants to learn surfing but he’s a little bit scared of sharks.

Janine used to do gymnastics but she had to stop because she had an accident. She had a surf lesson on Sunday. She is a bit scared of snakes. She really would like to try scubadiving with whale sharks.

Julia is from Spain. She is 20 years old and she will be 21 years old on 9th January. She will stay in Australia until March. She is a student in Spain and she studies to become a kindergarten teacher.

I have known Miho for three months and a half. She is from Japan. She is 25 years old and its funny because we start the same day, we did the same course and right now, also, we are doing the same course until March. She worked as a work officer and when she come back to Japan she is planning to apply for a job.

Angie is from Switzerland and 21 years old. She likes watching ice hockey match. However, she doesn’t want to try it. She is really afraid of the poisonous creatures, such as spider and snake. She arrived here in January 3rd and will stay here until March. After graduation, she is going to travel for 10 weeks.

Rahel is from Switzerland. She is 20 years old and likes to visit other countries. In addition, Rahel is interested in other cultures as well. After her study in New Zealand she arrived finally to the sunny and cheerful Byron Bay. It’s a lovely place to meet new people too, she said.

Dean is from Korea and he is 23 years old. He likes to watch films and football matches on the tv or at the cinema. But, because he is scared about ghosts, he doesn’t like horror movies. He arrived in Australia in November and now will stay in Byron until March.

Frido is 22 years old and from Switzerland. He has been in Cairns, Noosa and finally in Byron Bay, because he loves Australia and he likes to meet new people. He is a little bit afraid of surfing because of the shark attacks.

Sarah would like to try surf lessons. She likes to go jogging when the sun goes down. Also she would like to go to Cairns and do scuba diving.

Andrea is the only one which is from the Czech Republic in our class. She likes sharks and was in a shark cage in Port Lincoln.

Santi is a special Spanish student from Valencia. It is funny to spend time with him. His hobbies are surfing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and girls. After the language stay in Byron, he will stay 6 months in Australia and travel through the country.

Fabio is from Switzerland but originally is Italian. He’s a fun guy and he loves travel and riding motorbikes. He is a really important  mechanic in Switzerland.

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