Sydney – Celebrating our hard working graduates – 24 November 2023

Congratulations to our 23 hard working graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

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Today we celebrated the hard work of our 23 graduates, everyone has made great progress and formed friendships that might last a lifetime. Everyone gathered on the beach front to enjoy a last day filled with fun and laughter. We are proud of everyone and are always excited to hear about all the great memories our students have made during there time with Lexis Manly on graduation day.

It was the perfect summer day to celebrate the hard work and make a last great memory with everyone. We know bright futures are waiting for all of our graduates!

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Kaho with her teacher Mick

Kaho is full of energy and smiles – her great sense of humour was a great addition to our Lexis Manly family, we also surely won’t forget her winning costume as “Wednesday” at our Halloween party. During her 8 weeks with us, she has completed a pre-intermediate class and is graduating from Mick’s intermediate class today. Kaho works as a nurse in Japan and introduced us to a whole new world of belly button cleaning – we promise to keep it in mind, even after you have left Kaho! She will stay in Australia for a while and is planning on traveling to Cairns and the Uluru before returning Sydney.

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Flavia and Bayram with their teacher Agustina

Flavia and Bayram are graduating from our pre-intermediate class today. Bayram has been studying with us for 25 weeks, his hard work has paid off – when he first joined us, he had no English skills. He joined our starter class to learn the basic vocabulary and grammar and had difficulties communicating at all. With the help of his teachers and his own dedication he is graduating from pre-intermediate today, with great English skills! We are incredibly proud of you and wish you and your girlfriend all the best for the next month’s in Sydney!

Flavia was only with us for a short 4 weeks and we wish she could have stayed longer, as she is one of the sweetest and kindest person you could meet. She made the most of her time at Lexis, joined our activities and met people from all over the world. We wish you all the best for your travels in New Zealand and hope you make many new friends and great memories!

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Leon with his teacher Karen

Leon is only 19 years old and already has great English skills. Therefore his focus was rather to improve his academic English and discover the Australian lifestyle – he decided to join us for the English in Action (Surfing) program. These curious students are combining general English classes at Lexis Manly with daily surf lessons at Manly beach. It is always great to see students who are curious to learn new skills and make the most of their time in Australia. Keep exploring, Leon! All the best for your travels to Cairns.

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Joao with his teacher Ari

Joao was our Brazilian surfer boy over the past 4 month. He said his experience was amazing, due to his great Cambridge teacher and classmates but we think his own mind set has played a big part in his great achievements during his time in Sydney. He made sure to talk to everyone around campus, make local friends at his job at a popular clothing store and embrace the Aussie lifestyle. His passion for surfing played a big roll for his choice to study with us, he used the time before class, after class and sometimes even the break times to go down to the beach and even offered other students to teach them how to surf. Him and his surfboard will be missed around campus!

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Congratulations to our graduates Joao, Shogo, Rita, Kanna, Kaho, Bayram, Flavia, Claudia and Leon!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • FCE preparation -Joao Pedro Saad
  • IELTS preparation – Alex Gil Silva
  • Advanced – Leon Schoenenberger, Baris Yilmaz
  • Upper-Intermediate – Hakan Sen, Bin Wang, Matheus Kiatkowski de Souza, Hugo Quinones diaz
  • Intermediate – Shugo Yakabi, Niclas Oettl, Domingo Matte Rios, Kaho Susukida, Sukru Akpinar, Luiz Alfonso Gomes Scherer
  • Pre-Intermediate – Claudia Scatigneo, Bayram Gokmen, Flavia Arnold, Kana Kawai, Urara Fukuda, Burak Can Orakci
  • Elementary – Kanna Hashimoto, Maria Sol Jorquera Munoz, Danilo Elias Amancio


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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