Sydney – Celebrating our hard working graduates – 1 September 2023

Today we are celebrating our 10 amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.


Today we celebrated the hard work of our 10 graduates: Lindsay, Yamato, Brian, Tzu-Chen, Sarah, Miyuki, Kanna, Noe, Erika and Patricia. Everyone gathered on the beach front to wish them farewell and enjoy a last day filled with fun and laughter. We are proud of everyone’s amazing progress and are happy to hear about all the great memories our students have made during there time with Lexis Manly.

It was the perfect day to make a last great memory with everyone and we know bright futures are waiting for all of our graduates. Well done everyone!

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Kanna and Miyuki with their teacher Mick

Miyuki was with us for a whole year, she became an important part of the Lexis Manly family which made it tough on many to say goodbye to her today. We hope her tears dry quickly and Miyuki can focus on her next big adventure: traveling Australia. Thank you for spreading so much joy around campus, you will be missed dearly.

Kanna is also graduating from our intermediate class today. After having her at Lexis for three month, we got to know her well and can say there are not many people in the world who are as kind, funny and joyful as Kanna. We wish you all the best for your travels back to Japan!

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Tzu-Chen and Sarah with their teacher Geovane.

Our graduates Sarah and Tzu-Chen have only been with us for a short term, but certainly made the most of their time at Lexis Manly. They lost no time on getting to know the other students and practicing their speaking whenever they could. It was great to see how quickly they settled in and how curious and hard working they were. Well done girls, enjoy your big travels ahead and explore every single bit of this amazing country.

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Brian with his teacher Mitchell

We had to say goodbye to Brian today, he has only been with us for 4 weeks but it feels like he has always been around. His enthusiasm stood out from his very first day, he has the ability to get a long with everyone, no wonder he befriended the entire campus in no time. We will miss your bright smile around campus and wish you all the best for your ambitious career plans!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • Advanced – Noe Evan Helmus
  • Intermediate – Tzu-Chen, Sarah Duffort, Miyuki Hirakawa, Kanna Morishita, Erika Guadalupe Ullua, Patricia Andrea Duran Munoz
  • Pre-Intermediate – Brian (Zi-Xiang) Xiao
  • Elementary – Lindsay-Gabriela Ngalle Eboa, Yamato Tsuneishi


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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