Sydney – Celebrating our incredible graduates – 2 February 2024

Congratulations to our amazing graduates at Lexis Manly!

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Our Lexis Manly family celebrating our graduates!

Last Friday, we bid a heartfelt farewell to 7 remarkable graduates from Lexis Manly. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon with Manly Beach as a perfect backdrop for our graduation ceremony. It is always great to look back and reminisce on each student’s time with us on graduation day. We love to know what their future plans are and what they have enjoyed whilst being a student at Lexis Manly.

Throughout their academic journey, these 7 students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in the rich tapestry of cultural experiences that our Lexis community offers. The dedication our students have shown in learning a new language is truly inspiring, and we are proud of all their hard work. To our graduates, we extend our sincere best wishes. Well done and we hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly!

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Misato & Akari with their teacher Nat!

Misato was at Lexis Manly for only 4 weeks, but made awesome progress during her time here. Her teacher Nat says: “It was a pleasure to teach Misato. She is dedicated and fun, and always contributed to class discussions which I really appreciated.” Misato plans to stay in Sydney for a little longer, and wants to explore more of Australia. Best wishes Misato!

Akari has been at Lexis Manly for 8 weeks, and she was an absolute pleasure to have on campus, with her positive energy and smiling face always lighting up the campus. Akari was a popular student and made lots of friends during her time here. One of her favourite activities was our Surf Lesson, where she got to learn how to surf on Manly Beach! Akari is now planning on moving to the wonderful Gold Coast, and wants to find a job as a barista. We wish you all the best for your future plans Akari!

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Miho with her teacher Agustina!

Miho has been at Lexis Manly for only 4 weeks, but has definitely improved her English in the short time she was at the campus. Miho was a lovely student, who always attended workshops and activities to improve her English skills. She now plans to explore Sydney a bit more, as well as Australia, before heading home to Japan. Best of luck for your future plans Miho!

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Yannick & Marina with their teacher Mac!

Yannick and Marina are from our Upper Intermediate class and have both been at Lexis Manly for 4-5 weeks. Their teacher Mac says: “Yannick & Marina are both really hardworking students, and were diligent, respectful and were always active participants in classroom activities.” They are now both off on individual, adventures, where they will be travelling around Australia. We hope your time at Lexis Manly has helped your English skills evolve and you are now well prepared for all your travels. Have a great time guys and best of luck for your future endeavours!

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Congratulations to Miho, Yannick, Marina, Martin, Maho, Luca & Yutaro!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • IELTS Preparation – Juliette Madourg-Eveilleau, Charline Savary
  • Upper Intermediate – Yannick Probst, Marina Lisa Schranz
  • Intermediate – Maho Morimoto, Martin Zaremba, Yutaro Ofuchi, Luca Svaldi
  • Pre-Intermediate – Akari Shiori, Elena Hildbrand, Misato Inoue, Miho Baba
  • Elementary – Fernando Bergamo Ferraz da Silveira, Yumeno Sato, Julian Hofstetter, Aline Aguiar da Silva
  • Beginner – Mohammed Awadh Alqahtani


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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