Lexis Brisbane – Welcoming Our New Students – 1.05.23

A Warm Welcome to Our New Students!

This week, we welcomed 15 new English students to our Lexis Brisbane campus. It is always exciting to have new members join our family!

Each week at Lexis Brisbane, we have the privilege of welcoming new students from various corners of the globe, each embarking on a journey to accomplish their English goals and immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of cultures. Welcoming new students is about more than just providing them with textbooks and syllabi—it’s about creating an environment that nurtures their growth and empowers their success.

Our dedicated team of experienced teachers goes above and beyond to ensure that each student’s unique learning needs are met. From interactive classes to tailored guidance and support, we are committed to helping students reach their full potential.

One of the most rewarding aspects of welcoming new students is witnessing the bonds that form within our school community. Friendships that transcend borders are forged, creating a support system that accompanies students on their language learning journey. These connections not only enhance language skills but also foster a sense of belonging and lifelong friendships.

New Starters 1.05

Without further a due, we are very pleased to introduce our newest additions to the Lexis Brisbane family!

We welcome Serim (South Korea), Erica (Switzerland), Nozomi (Japan), Aoba (Japan), Hamid (Austria), Ignacio (Chile), Burak (Turkey), Shu (Japan), Carolina (Colombia), Zekiye (Turkey), Carolay (Chile), Miguel (Spain), Cristian (Chile), Haruto (Japan), and Pan (Myanmar).

Language learning can be a challenging endeavor, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Our school community rallies around our new students, offering encouragement, resources, and a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. Each milestone, no matter how small, is celebrated, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation. Welcome to Lexis Brisbane!

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