Lexis Brisbane – Trivia Extravaganza! – 18.01.2024

In a vibrant celebration of cultural exchange, our Brisbane campus recently hosted an exhilarating Trivia Game that brought together students from all corners of the globe. The event showcased not only the brilliance of our international learners but also the fun and camaraderie that comes with a shared love for language and culture!

The participants, grouped into teams and engaged in five riveting rounds of trivia that tested their knowledge on a spectrum of topics. The competition kicked off with a mouthwatering round focused on Aussie food, challenging students to identify iconic Australian meals and delicacies.


Laughter erupted as participants tried to decode the mystery behind English idioms in the second round. Shifting gear in the third round to sporting trivia. A voyage through general knowledge in the fourth round explored everything from music to industrial manufacturing. The grand finale? Aussie slang!  This round brought a touch of humour as students translated quirky Australian phrases into standard English, fostering a deeper understanding of cultural nuances.

As the game concluded, the winners revelled in their success, walking away with highly coveted prizes, such as classic Aussie Tim Tams and stylish swimming accessories – a sweet treat and a nod to the sunny Australian lifestyle. The Trivia Game was more than just a competition; it was shared laughter, new friendships, and enriching learning experiences. Our students walked away not just with knowledge but with a taste of the vibrant mosaic that is modern Australian life. Cheers to a fun-filled, educational extravaganza!

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