Lexis Brisbane – This Week’s Graduating Students – 28.04.23

Congratulations to Our Graduating Students!

Today at Lexis Brisbane, we celebrated the graduation of 18 fantastic English students!

Graduation marks the culmination of a remarkable journey for students, where they have grown both academically and personally. It’s a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on experiences, and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

This week’s graduates were Francisco (Upper-intermediate), Brandon (Upper-intermediate), Pichest (Pre-intermediate), Priscila (Intermediate), Silvio (Intermediate), Roger (ILETS), Suketora (Pre-intermediate), Misael (Advanced), Jana (Advanced), Nil (Advanced), Anna (Advanced), Muhammed (Intermediate), Flavio (Intermediate), Melina (Advanced), Charlotte (CPE), Meline (Advanced), Kelly (ILETS), and Johana (Pre-intermediate).

Graduation 28

For these brilliant students, embarking on a journey to improve their English was a brave and ambitious decision. Over the course of their studies, they immersed themselves in an environment that encouraged constant growth and development. From navigating complex grammar structures to mastering pronunciation and expanding their vocabulary, they tackled the linguistic challenges with unwavering determination.

At Lexis, our graduating students embarked on this learning journey together, supporting each other through the ups and downs. They celebrated each other’s successes and shared memorable experiences. Through intensive coursework, interactive sessions, and engaging cultural activities, they honed their language skills to a remarkable degree. Lexis Brisbane is incredibly proud of these superstars!

We wish our graduates the best of luck in future and thank them for allowing Lexis to be a part of their learning journey. Good luck!

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