Lexis Brisbane – The Melbourne Cup! A Day of Horse Racing, High Spirits, and High Fashion! – 10.11.23

The Race That Stops A Nation

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious and celebrated thoroughbred horse race. It’s a pivotal event in the country’s sporting and social calendar, often referred to as “the race that stops a nation.” Held annually on the first Tuesday of November, the Melbourne Cup attracts attention not only from avid racing enthusiasts but also from people all across Australia and around the world.

The spirit of the Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation, transcended its traditional setting and reached the classrooms and corridors of Lexis Brisbane on Tuesday. On a day that was anything but ordinary, everyone gathered in the student lounge to watch the race and enjoy some champagne.

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The atmosphere in the student lounge was charged with excitement as everyone eagerly awaited the iconic race. The room, adorned with race day decorations, echoed with the clinking of champagne glasses and lively chatter. As the clock struck race time, all eyes were glued to the big screen, and the anticipation reached a crescendo. Everyone was cheering and laughing as they watched their horses race. The students, many experiencing the Melbourne Cup for the first time, were caught up in the thrill of the competition, each rooting for their chosen steed.

But Melbourne Cup Day at Lexis Brisbane was more than just a viewing party—it was a day of festivities that brought the essence of the racecourse to the heart of the school. The lounge was transformed into a hub of activity, with students and staff alike participating in various activities to make the day truly special.

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Adding an element of competition, students were encouraged to participate in a best-dressed contest. The lounge became a runway for fashion enthusiasts who showcased their unique styles, drawing inspiration from the Melbourne Cup’s reputation as a fashion spectacle. The best-dressed boy and girl were crowned with well-deserved recognition.

Mc 3The thrill of the race extended beyond the screen with an organized betting activity. Many of our students placed friendly wagers on their chosen horses. As the horses thundered toward the finish line, the cheers from everyone in our student lounge only grew louder. It was truly such an incredible atmosphere and it was so awesome to see our students enjoy iconic Australian celebrations.

Champagne corks popped and tea cups clinked as students and staff indulged in a spread of refreshments. A delightful array of cakes and pastries added a sweet touch to the celebration. As the race concluded, jubilation erupted among those who successfully predicted the winning horse. The prize money, pooled from the betting activity, was split among the fortunate winners, adding an extra layer of thrill and reward to the day’s festivities.Mc 4

Melbourne Cup Day here at Lexis Brisbane was more than a celebration of a horse race; it was a testament to our commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive community. It showcased the diversity of the student body, the enthusiasm for Australian cultural traditions, and the joy that comes from coming together for a day of shared experiences.

I think it is fair to say that we have definitely successfully brought the magic of the Melbourne Cup to the heart of the school, leaving our wonderful students with memories of a day that celebrated the best of Australian culture.

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