Lexis Brisbane – Saying Goodbye to This Week’s Graduating Students – 12.05.23

Lukes Class Graduation

Graduation Day!

Another Friday, another group of superstars graduating from Lexis Brisbane! It is always a very exciting day for our graduates, but there is something bittersweet about saying goodbye to new friends and teachers who have made such a positive impact. This week, 15 students graduated from Lexis Brisbane, and their hard work and dedication deserves to be recognised.

Our graduates were Camila (Upper-Intermediate), Daniel (Pre-Intermediate), Sandra (Upper-Intermediate), Aleyna (Upper-Intermediate), Nisan (Intermediate), Sayaka (Upper-Intermediate), Gabriel (Beginner), Yeeun (Upper-Intermediate), Laia (IELTS), Sertan (Intermediate), Carole (Upper-Intermediate), Mana (Intermediate), Erica (Upper-Intermediate), Tiffany (Advanced), and Leez Yeraldyn (Intermediate).

Camila Graduation

It is easy to forget how brave you have to be to visit a foreign country and learn one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, the feeling of accomplishing English goals and crushing all doubt proves to be the greatest reward of all. Our graduates deserve to reap the rewards of their hard work and we hope that they are as proud of themselves as we are of them.

One of our graduating students this week, Mana, wanted to share her experience at Lexis Brisbane, and how scary it was at the very beginning to be in a whole new country. Mana is from Japan and described how nervous she was to begin at Lexis. She knew no one and had no idea what to expect. All she knew is that she wanted to pursue her passion of becoming a personal trainer here in Brisbane.

Mana loves going to and working at the gym. She says it makes her happy and so she would love to be a trainer herself. By mastering English, Mana said that she hopes this gives her the opportunity to pursue a career in personal training in Australia. She loves this country, particularly Brisbane, saying how she wants to live here permanently. During her time at Lexis, Mana worked incredibly hard made new friends. She said that she enjoyed her classes and that they really helped her become a better student. Her nerves disappeared as she began to recognise familiar faces and smiles on campus.

Mana was undoubtedly a superstar student, trying her hardest to reach her goals so that she could make this dream of hers come true. She graduated from her intermediate class this week with a big smile on her face and was incredibly proud of herself (as she should be)!

It’s moments like this that truly demonstrate what Lexis is all about. Each and every student has their own story and it is always the greatest honour for us here at Lexis Brisbane to be a part of it. There are lots of students who come and go, but we always remain a family. Congratulations to all of our graduates from this week! We cannot wait to see you do great things and continue to show the world your strength.

Aidans Class Graduation


Pre In Asami Graduation

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