Lexis Brisbane – Round Two of Aussie Beer Tasting! – 26.06.23

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Back By Popular Demand!

After lots of requests, we brought back the Lexis Brisbane Aussie beer tasting experience on Friday, and it was definitely a super fun way to end a busy week!

Whilst tasting a variety of beers, we had our students review them based on a number of important factors including drinkability, appearance, smell, and aftertaste. This prompted lots of discussion and debate over which drink would reign superior. The beers in question were Coopers Extra Stout, Wild Yak Pacific Ale, James Squire Pale Ale, and of course, XXXX Gold Original Lager.

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After some heated debate, it was confirmed that XXXX Gold took the crown once again, followed closely by James Squire Pale Ale. It appeared that not too many people were a fan of Coopers Extra Stout because they couldn’t get around its aftertaste. Wild Yak was indeed a fan favourite because of its tropical taste, however, it wasn’t strong enough to secure victory this time around.

Each beer included in this experience was given a brief description of its unique characteristics, including flavor notes, aroma profiles, and brewing methods. As the tasting continued, everyone enthusiastically discussed their observations, comparing the different beers and sharing their preferences.

Some found delight in the refreshing and citrusy notes of a pale ale, while a few students enjoyed the complex and roasted flavors of the extra stout. The experience encouraged the students to bond over their newfound appreciation for Australian beer.

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Throughout the afternoon, the students not only expanded their knowledge of Australian beer but also had a tremendous amount of fun. They engaged in friendly competitions, such as blind tastings, which added an element of excitement and friendly rivalry to the event. The joyous atmosphere was further enhanced by the students’ infectious enthusiasm, making the beer tasting experience truly unforgettable.

Beer tasting allows people to explore and appreciate the nuances and diversity of different beer styles. It becomes an adventure for the taste buds as they encounter flavors ranging from fruity and hoppy to malty and roasted. The process of identifying and discussing these flavors is exciting and whether it’s at a brewery, a pub, or a gathering with friends, it creates an opportunity for people to come together and engage in conversation.

The afternoon not only allowed everyone to indulge in the flavors of the Australian beer, but also provided a platform for cultural exchange and friendship. It served as a reminder that learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, and that immersing oneself in the local culture is a vital part of the language learning journey. It was a joy to see how much fun everyone had!

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