Lexis Brisbane – Paint and Sip – 10.05.23

Paint And Sip

Our First Paint and Sip at Lexis Brisbane!

In 2007, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney founded their business ‘Painting with a Twist‘ in New Orleans, Louisiana. The idea was that people could enjoy a glass of champagne and completely relieved all their stress while they painted. Paint and sip experiences offer a delightful combination of creativity, relaxation, and social interaction. Painting with A Twist was the first paint and sip company to franchise and since then, many more have joined the market.

This afternoon, we, at Lexis Brisbane, decided to jump on the paint and sip bandwagon and host our very own relaxing experience. It was definitely about time!

The tables in our student lounge were decorated with colourful paper, canvases, a vast collection of different coloured paints, brushes, biscuits, and of course, plenty of wine for the ‘sip’! With a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, the students did a phenomenal job at showcasing their creativity. No prior artistic expertise was required; the focus was purely on enjoyment and self-expression.


Aside from being a super fun activity, painting can also have numerous mental health benefits which positively impact people’s mental well-being. It can serve as a powerful stress reliever because engaging in a creative activity like painting allows you to focus your attention on the present moment and immerse yourself in the process. This can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Painting also provides an outlet for emotional expression. It allows you to convey your thoughts, feelings, and experiences visually, even when words might fail you. This can be particularly beneficial if you find it challenging to express yourself verbally. Our students have always enjoyed crafty activities such as painting because it gives them an opportunity to demonstrate this relaxation and mindfulness which overall, supports their mental well-being.

Fumina And RaimuGroup

(Fumina and Raimu showing off their work) 

Fumina and Raimu were very proud of their masterpieces (rightfully so) and Raimu even painted Fumina as you can see by the incredibly accurate portrait! Let’s just say, they gave DaVinci a run for his money…

Summer 1 1

Summer painted the most gorgeous image of a sunset along the Brisbane river, taking inspiration from a picture she took of the very scene herself! It was absolutely gorgeous and resembled the picture amazingly. Who knew how amazing our students were at painting?

I think we can consider the first Lexis Brisbane paint and sip to be a massive success!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home with an adorable little work of art to show off. Having a glass of wine was also a big bonus for the afternoon and we will definitely make sure to host another paint and sip in the future!

Groups 2

Fumina 2



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