Lexis Brisbane – New Starters – 29 August 2022

This Monday at Lexis Brisbane, we had a group of 16 new starters join us. A warm Lexis welcome to Laura Daniela, Ivan Andrea, Genny Alejandra, Maria Jose (Colombia), Miriam Larissa (Mexico), Rayvi Ramon (Venezuela), Yu-chen (Taiwan), Kubra, Ismail, Mehmet Demir, Mehmet Tambay (Turkey), Kyoko, Chihiro, Nanase (Japan), Nathan and Nina (Switzerland).  These wonderful students will be studying our General English course and starting their classes today. We are excited to see our new starters work hard towards their goals. As you can see from the photos below, they are full of energy and ready to get stuck into their English studies.

New Starters Sitting On A Brown Lounge Smiling New Starters Sitting On A Brown Lounge Pulling Silly Faces

If you would like to see the Lexis Brisbane campus, you can take virtual tour here.

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