Lexis Brisbane – Maroons for the Win – 31.05.23

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It’s That Time of the Year Again…

For those who don’t know, the State of Origin is one of the biggest sporting competitions in the country and for both Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW), is looked forward to each and every year. Also for those who don’t know, QLD is obviously the better team.

The State of Origin is a highly anticipated and fiercely contested annual rugby league series in Australia in which three games are played to determine the victorious state. Originating in 1980, the State of Origin showcases the best rugby league players from NSW and QLD, two neighbouring states, in a three-match series. It has captured the hearts of fans nationwide, attracting large crowds and generating immense excitement.

It has become a significant event in the sporting calendar, transcending the sport of rugby league itself. This competition has fostered a strong sense of identity and pride for both NSW and QLD residents. It brings communities together, creates enduring memories, and showcases the extraordinary talent Australia has to offer in rugby league.

Origin Group Photo

As the State of Origin continues to evolve, it remains an integral part of Australian sporting culture, captivating audiences and providing a platform for rugby league’s finest to showcase their skills. The passion and intensity associated with the series ensure that it will continue to be a treasured and eagerly anticipated event for years to come.

At Lexis Brisbane, we are obviously proud QLD supporters (unless you’re wrong and support NSW), and so it was so nice to see some of our students and staff repping the Maroons. The State of Origin is a massive part of our culture here in QLD and seeing our students get excited about the game was so fantastic.

State Of Origin Staff Photo Blog

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