Lexis Brisbane – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – 01 June 2022

This week at Lexis Brisbane, a group of 19 students went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to get up close and personal with some native Australian animals.

After a quick bus trip from the office, we arrived at Lone Pine to spend the afternoon enjoying Brisbane’s most famous Koala Sanctuary. We started off our visit with the sheep dog show where we got to see sheep dogs rounding up sheep.

A Collage Of Students Together At The Bus Stop And At The Zoo.

Oscar said his highlight was feeding the Kangaroo’s because they are his favourite Australian animal.  All of the other students loved feeding the Kangaroo’s and Ismael, Joel and Albert were brave enough to get up close to the emus.

A Photo Collage Of Students Smiling And Patting Kangaroos


Yumin, Sara and Maria’s highlight was meeting the Koalas. Many students took the opportunity to cuddle an adorable Koala called Fingal. Fingal was hungry at the time so our group were able to hold him while he was having a quick snack.

A Collage Of Students Holding Koalas And Smiling


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