Lexis Brisbane – Graduation – 12 August 2022

Friday is graduation day at Lexis Brisbane! Today, we said goodbye to three of our wonderful students. Yasser and Luciano graduated from our General English course and Ruka graduated from our IELTS preparation course. It is always so sad to say goodbye, however, we are very excited to see all of the great things that these students do in the future.  Congratulations on all of your hard work and your graduation!

Brittany, Luciano’s teacher, said that Luciano is a quiet achiever who always worked very hard during class. We will all miss his warm and friendly smile.

Luciano And His Classmates Smiling.

Everyone at Lexis Brisbane will miss Yasser’s kindness and positive attitude. His teacher, Nina, said that he always worked very hard on his studies and was a valued member of her class.

Yasser And His Classmates Smiling.

Finally, lovely Ruka, who was one of our original returning students. Everyone at Lexis Brisbane will miss Ruka so much! She is a very much a valued member of the Lexis family. Her teacher, Jordan, commented on her excellent progress and work ethic.

Ruka And Her Classmates Pulling Funny Faces.

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