Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 19.04.2024

As another week draws to a close, it’s time for us at Lexis English to bid a heartfelt farewell to our graduating students – Nomin, Solarine, Yasutomo, Keisuke, Cyril, Damla, Aaliyah, Nina, Yi Xuan, Neva, and Hikaru. There’s a mixture of emotions as we see these amazing individuals step out of our doors, ready to embark on new journeys. While it’s bittersweet to see them leave, we are immensely proud of all they have accomplished during their time here. Whatsapp Image 2024 04 19 At 13.15.31 3B8C7797

Hikaru from Pre-Intermediate and the Barista Course

Our students poured their hearts into their English journey, dedicating themselves to learning and growing. The knowledge they have gained extends far beyond the academic realm; they have formed lasting friendships, explored the beauty of our country, and immersed themselves in our vibrant activities.

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Neva from IELTS

What truly sets these students apart is their contribution to our community. They brought energy, passion, and diverse perspectives, enriching the experiences of everyone around them. As they move forward, we have no doubt that they will continue to leave positive impacts wherever they go.

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Yasutomo from Pre-Intermediate

Student Spotlight: Farewell Hikaru!

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Hikaru and his huge group of friends!

This week, Hikaru learnt the meaning of ‘bittersweet’.  He was so very proud of everything he achieved here, and he gained so many wonderful friendships, that it was with a tinge of sadness that his time here came to an end.

Hikaru bought so much positive energy to Lexis every day, and this was felt by all he interacted with.  During his final two weeks, Hikaru successfully completed the Barista Course, and to celebrate, he and a bunch of his friends went to Laser Tag at Winter Garden!  What a way to finish!

We wish you all the very best Hikaru!

To our graduating students, we extend our warmest wishes for success and fulfillment in all your future endeavors. You have left an indelible mark on Lexis English, and we are excited to witness the amazing adventures that await you. Farewell, and may your paths be filled with joy, learning, and endless possibilities.

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