Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 16.02.2024

Last Friday we bid farewell to our graduating students Seyeon, Luis, Yuya, Oscar, Cynthia, Amanda, Hiroki, Ihan, Elia, Titouan, Nathan, Himari, Nana, Misako, Felix, Yuka, Julie, Samuel, and Damien! It’s with mixed emotions that we say goodbye, as we’re thrilled to see you embark on new adventures yet saddened to see you leave our Lexis family.

Damien And Cynthia Pre Intermediate

Damien and Cynthia from Pre-Intermediate

Throughout your time here, you’ve not only gained invaluable academic knowledge but also immersed yourselves in the vibrant culture and lifestyle of Brisbane. From exploring the iconic landmarks to discovering hidden gems, you’ve truly experienced the best this city has to offer. Whether it was soaking up the sun at South Bank, indulging in delicious cuisine in West End, or catching breathtaking views from Mount Coot-tha, your time in Brisbane has undoubtedly been memorable.

Ihan Upper Intermediate

Ihan from Upper-Intermediate

But perhaps the most cherished aspect of your journey has been the friendships you’ve forged along the way. The bonds you’ve formed with your classmates and teachers will last a lifetime, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences. These connections have enriched your experience, providing support, laughter, and shared memories that will forever be treasured.

Let’s not forget the countless activities and events you’ve participated in during your time at Lexis Brisbane. From language workshops to cultural excursions, you’ve embraced every opportunity for personal and academic growth. Your dedication and enthusiasm have been truly commendable, and it’s evident in the progress you’ve made throughout your studies.

As you embark on the next chapter of your journey, remember that you carry with you not only the knowledge you’ve acquired but also the indelible memories of your time here. You’ve done an amazing job, and we have no doubt that you’ll continue to thrive in whatever you choose to pursue. Farewell, graduates, and may your future endeavors be filled with success, fulfillment, and countless more unforgettable moments.

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