Lexis Brisbane – Graduating Students – 02.02.2024

Today, we say a fond farewell to Loris, Gihra, Cagihan, Elioth, Aya, Leo, Maeva, Rahel, Catalina, Junichiro, Tomona, Ana, Cristian!

Graduating 2.2.24

Cagrihan from Pre-Intermediate 1A

We are filled with pride and gratitude. These remarkable individuals have completed their journey with us, marking a significant milestone in their lives. We feel privileged to have been part of their educational journey, assisting them in mastering the English language and empowering them to reach their distinct aspirations.

Throughout their time at Lexis, we have witnessed their dedication, perseverance, and growth. Each student has contributed uniquely to our vibrant community, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. As they embark on new adventures, we are confident that they will carry with them the invaluable memories and experiences forged within the walls of our campus.

Tomona Preint 1B

Tomona from Pre-Intermediate 1B

We celebrate every triumph, big and small, achieved during their time here. From conquering language barriers to embracing cultural diversity, each success is a testament to their hard work and determination. To our remarkable students, we say a heartfelt congratulations. You have not only achieved your goals but have also enriched our lives with your presence.

As you head off, remember that you carry within you the skills and knowledge acquired at Lexis. May your paths be illuminated with success, and may you continue to inspire others with your passion and resilience. We wish you all the best!

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