Lexis Brisbane – FunHouse Friday! – 5.06.23

Funhouse 1

Gaming Our Way into the Weekend

Arcades offer a unique blend of nostalgia, social interaction, cutting-edge technology, and vibrant gaming culture. Their ability to provide an immersive, social, and thrilling gaming experience makes them super fun to visit. For those who don’t know, Brisbane is hiding a pretty awesome arcade on level three of the Myer Centre called The FunHouse and on Friday, a group of us decided to pay a visit.

Javier led the way (I definitely did not get lost) as he had visited the arcade before. The FunHouse really does have lots to offer – basketball games, simulations, drums, claw machines, and more.

Arcades are more than just places to play games; they are social hubs that encourage interaction and are known for their competitive spirit. Our students fully embraced the challenge, discovering hidden talents (Javier’s insane air hockey skills), honed their abilities, and pushed their limits in pursuit of high scores and bragging rights. The intensity Funhouse 2on everyone’s faces was priceless.

The FunHouse offers an incredible variety of games to suit every interest and preference. From classic arcade cabinets to cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, the students had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of gaming options. With their new membership cards, they told me that they will definitely be back.

By far the best part of the afternoon was when Hugo won a giant Sonic plush toy on his first try using the claw machine. When I tell you that we all went crazy, it is not an understatement. Hugo’s disbelief was also pretty awesome because as we all know, winning prizes from the claw machine is a phenomenon that only scientists can attempt to explain.

Funhouse 9 1

We will definitely be back for an air hockey rematch but for now, it was a really nice way to end the week and start the weekend for our hard-working Lexis legends.

Funhouse 3

Funhouse 7

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