Lexis Brisbane – Festive Fun! – 15.12.2023

The holiday season is a time for joy, unity, and creativity, and at Lexis Brisbane, our students are fully immersing themselves in the festive spirit. The student lounge has transformed into a hub of creativity and merriment as students come together to make Christmas cards and decorations.

The vibrant atmosphere in the student lounge reflects the diversity of cultures at Lexis Brisbane, with students from all over the globe sharing their unique traditions and experiences of the holiday season. Laughter and conversation filled the air as students connected over a shared goal: creating beautiful and personalized Christmas decorations.

Christmas 13.12.2023

As the students engage in these creative activities, the true spirit of Christmas comes to life. It’s not just about the decorations or the cards; It’s a celebration of unity, friendship, and the shared experience of being far from home during the holidays. As the student lounge transforms into a gallery of multicultural festive art, Lexis Brisbane not only becomes a place of language learning but also a home away from home where the true magic of Christmas is discovered through fun, creativity, and heartfelt conversations.

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The festive crafting session at Lexis Brisbane embodies the essence of the season – spreading love, joy, and goodwill. As the decorations adorn the student lounge and the Christmas cards find their way into the hands of friends and family, the international students at Lexis Brisbane are not just learning English; they are also experiencing the true magic of Christmas through shared laughter, creativity, and cultural exchange.

At Lexis Brisbane we go beyond traditional classroom learning by providing our students with a holistic educational experience. We offer fun and engaging activities as an avenue for our students to unwind, socialise and express themselves.

Here’s to more afternoons of creativity!

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