Lexis Brisbane – Crafting Connections – DIY Bookmarks – 22.01.2024

At Lexis Brisbane, education goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Recently, students had the opportunity to engage in a unique and creative activity that not only provided a break from their rigorous studies but also allowed them to express themselves through art. The activity in focus? DIY bookmarks – a fun and engaging project that turned out to be a big success for everyone involved.

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After a week of hard work and intensive study, students eagerly embraced the chance to unwind and tap into their creative side. The DIY bookmark activity served as a cathartic and therapeutic outlet, providing a perfect way to wrap up the week on a positive note. Accompanied by music that set the tone for creativity, students were provided with an array of materials to choose from. Coloured cardboard, stickers, paint, labels, glitter, feathers – the options were endless. The diversity of materials allowed each student to infuse their individual personalities into their creations, resulting in a collection of unique and personalised bookmarks.

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As students delved into the creative process, their artistic expressions took various forms. Some chose to include inspirational quotes on their bookmarks, while others opted for abstract designs. Cute and sparkly bookmarks emerged alongside those created as thoughtful gifts for friends and family. The activity not only showcased the artistic talents of the students but also allowed them to explore and share their individual styles. Beyond the crafting, the DIY bookmark activity sparked conversations among students about their reading habits and preferences. The shared experience fostered a sense of community as they exchanged ideas, recommendations, and insights into each other’s literary worlds. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and mutual support, creating lasting connections among the participants.

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As the activity progressed, it became evident that the DIY bookmarks were more than just creative pieces; they served as therapeutic tools. Students unwound and relaxed, finding solace in the act of crafting. The combination of creative expression, music, and interaction with peers provided a perfect formula for winding down after a demanding week of study.

Upon completion, students not only walked away with practical and visually appealing bookmarks but also with a renewed sense of determination to make more time for reading in their lives. The bookmarks served as reminders of their creativity and the importance of relaxation amid academic pursuits. Some even created gifts that would inspire and motivate both themselves and their loved ones.

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The activity proved to be a resounding success, showcasing the power of creative expression in an educational setting. By combining artistic endeavours with shared experiences, the ESL students found a delightful way to unwind, connect, and set the stage for a relaxing and fulfilling weekend. It was indeed a celebration of individuality, community, and the joy of crafting meaningful connections through the language of art.

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