Lexis Brisbane – Cocktail Making! – 14.06.23

Cocktail 1

Happy Hour!

On Friday, we hosted a cocktail-making afternoon here at Lexis Brisbane and as expected, it was a real hit.

The cocktails in question were Mojitos (of course), Cosmopolitans, Screwdrivers, Appletinis, and Moscow Mules. We all began by sharing some drinks that are popular in our own countries: the great thing about cocktails is that they are loved all over the world!

Next, we had to learn some new vocabulary: essential when preparing cocktails! Everyone learned new words such as sieve, stir, and sprig so that all the right steps were properly followed when making the drinks.

Cocktail 3

Now for the fun part! Everyone broke into teams of 4 and moved to different stations to follow their cocktail recipes. They then had to collect what they needed and work together to make the best drink possible…which turned out to be very difficult! Once everyone was finished making a drink at one station, they all moved onto the next.

Thankfully we had some students from our Cambridge course to act as judges which they were very excited about after a long day of exams. The winner was Raimu with her original twist on the classic mojito!

Cocktail 2

Cocktail 5

Our student lounge truly transformed into a hub of creativity as our aspiring mixologists experimented with flavours and techniques. Armed with spirits, fresh ingredients, and an array of mixers, everyone added their own unique touch to the art of cocktail making, turning the lounge into a makeshift bar.

Cocktail 4

The collaborative nature of cocktail making encouraged our students to work as a team and is one of the many examples of how our group activities here at Lexis Brisbane foster a strong sense of community. Cocktail making also provided a much-needed break, offering everyone the chance to step away from textbooks and indulge in a different type of learning experience. Through working as a team and following recipes, our students expanded their vocabulary, improved their communication skills, and of course, had a lot of fun!

There were smiles all around after our very first cocktail class (especially after a few Moscow Mules) and we will be sure to enjoy a happy hour again here at Lexis Brisbane.

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