Lexis Brisbane – Celebrating Our Graduating Students – 8.05.23

Congratulations to Our Lexis Brisbane Graduates!

Just like Mondays, Fridays are very exciting at Lexis Brisbane as we get to celebrate the graduation of some very hard-working English students!

Last Friday, 16 members of the Lexis family graduated from a variety of different courses and levels. These superstars were Luis (Intermediate), Edna (IELTS), Chalat (Upper-Intermediate), Ozan (Pre-Intermediate), Diego (Upper-Intermediate), Chia-Chen (Pre-Intermediate), Sergei (Intermediate), Sarah (Upper-Intermediate), Guilherme (IELTS), Alice (IELTS), Saebom (Upper-Intermediate), Kicharlini (Upper-intermediate), Genesis (Advanced), Zuo-Wen (Elementary), Gonzalo (Pre-intermediate), and Pierre (Upper-Intermediate).


Chalat, Sarah, and Kicharlini graduating from Luke’s Upper-Intermediate General English class

Studying English abroad as an international student is both a considerable challenge and an incredible achievement that deserves to be celebrated. Graduation is a milestone and testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of students who have taken on the challenge of learning a new language and immersing themselves in a different culture.

Sergei Graduation

Sergei graduating from Nikki’s Intermediate General English class 

During their time at Lexis Brisbane, our graduates have not only studied English, but have also gained a deeper understanding of the culture, customs, and values of the countries in which the language is spoken. This experience will broaden their perspective and enrich their lives in ways never imagined before. As these incredible students depart from us at Lexis Brisbane, they should take pride in what they have accomplished. They have not only smashed their English goals but have also improved their critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills. It is skills like these that will reveal endless opportunities for success!

Screenshot 2023 05 08 163258

Brandon graduating from Joseph’s Upper-Intermediate General English class

Having studied English opens up a world of possibilities for our graduating students who have worked so hard to gain a better understanding of the language. This is an achievement to be incredibly proud of. Lexis Brisbane could not be more honoured to have been a part of this special and important journey. We wish all of our graduates good luck with their future endeavours and remind them that Lexis Brisbane will always be home. Thank you for letting us join you on this adventure.

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