Lexis Brisbane – Baking up a Storm: Chocolate Crackle Malteser Slice – 08.03.2024

Hey everyone, gather around for the scoop on our latest baking shenanigans at Lexis English Brisbane campus! Armed with mixing bowls and a whole lot of enthusiasm, we got together to whip up something seriously delicious. What was on the menu? Only the most epic treat ever – Chocolate Crackle Malteser Slice. It was a party for our taste buds!

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So, first things first, we all checked out the recipe. Ingredients list? Double-checked. Instructions? Sorted. With a bit of help from our awesome teachers, Nikki and Jordan, we made sure we had everything we needed and got down to business. Teamwork was the name of the game. We divvied up tasks, cracked jokes, and maybe sneaked a Malteser or two along the way. Who can resist?

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As our masterpiece started coming together, creativity kicked in big time. Some of us went for a classic approach, while others got fancy with heart-shaped designs or crazy Malteser mosaics. Seriously, our slices were like little works of art – almost too good to eat. Almost.

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After a bit of chilling time in the fridge, it was finally time for the big reveal. Let me tell you, seeing all those slices lined up and ready to go was a thing of beauty. And the best part? Getting to share them with everyone. Seriously, there’s nothing like seeing people’s faces light up when they take that first bite.

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Now, let’s dive into the fascinating history of Maltesers and why us Aussies just can’t get enough of them. First off, these little balls of joy have been around since the 1930s when they were introduced by the British confectionery company, Mars. Originally called “energy balls,” they were marketed as a healthier alternative to chocolate bars during World War II due to their high malt content.

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But it wasn’t until the 1950s that Maltesers as we know them today really took off, becoming a much-loved treat across the globe. And here in Australia, they’ve earned a special place in our hearts – and our snack cupboards. Maybe it’s the unique combination of crispy malt center and smooth milk chocolate coating that keeps us coming back for more. Or perhaps it’s the nostalgic charm of popping a handful of Maltesers while enjoying a movie at the local cinema.

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Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that Aussies have a serious soft spot for these little balls of goodness. They’ve become a staple at parties, movie nights, and road trips – basically, any occasion worth celebrating calls for a pack of Maltesers. So here’s to a treat that’s been bringing joy to Aussies for generations.

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The real magic of the day wasn’t just in the baking, or the delicious Maltesers. It was in the laughter, the camaraderie, and the memories we made together. Whether we were measuring ingredients or swapping stories, every moment was a reminder of why we love being part of the Lexis family.

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Looking back, it’s clear that our baking adventure was about so much more than just making delicious treats. It was about coming together as a community, trying new things, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

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So, here’s to more baking adventures in the future, more laughter, and more memories made with the amazing people at Lexis. Because when it comes down to it, there’s nothing sweeter than good company and a plate full of Chocolate Crackle Malteser Slice.

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