Lexis Brisbane – Another Trip to Lone Pine! – 28.06.23

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A Beautiful Day Out!

On Wednesday, we took a nice trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket! The weather was amazing and all of the critter-cuteness had us grinning from ear to ear.

For those who don’t know, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a renowned wildlife sanctuary located in the outskirts of Brisbane. It’s considered the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary and has been operating since 1927. The sanctuary covers a significant area of lush green surroundings, providing a safe haven for a wide variety of Australian wildlife. Lone Pine is particularly known for its focus on koalas, with a dedicated Koala Nursery where visitors can observe and interact with these iconic cuties.

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However, Lone Pine isn’t limited to koalas alone. It houses a diverse range of Australian wildlife, including kangaroos, platypus, wombats, dingoes, emus, reptiles, and a variety of bird species.

There is something so surreal about observing our native animals as they go about their day, and it was a true Aussie experience for our Lexis Brisbane students to be able to do so. The kangaroos were a particular fan favourite and everyone was so excited to be able to feed them. It’s an experience that you can’t have anywhere else. Everyone understood the significance of capturing the magic of their day and they eagerly took photos together, capturing beautiful moments.

The day spent at Lone Pine was brimming with shared memories and unforgettable experiences. Each interaction and adventure became a treasured memory, forever associated with Australian culture and the bonds of friendship forged during their visit.

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Taking our students to visit Lone Pine is a journey that always leaves a lasting impression on everyone. Wednesday was a day filled with awe-inspiring encounters, cherished connections with iconic Australian wildlife, and a deepened appreciation for the wonders of nature. Through their visit, our students were not only entertained but also educated, learning about our beautiful wildlife. It was wonderful to watch our amazing students enjoy this true Australian experience and have a fun day out with friends!

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