Lexis Bake-Off! Part 1

Today’s activity was a Lexis Bake-Off! This morning, Erik, Lulu and Marie competed against Carmen and Desiree…

Erik’s team made crepes with jam and decorations, while Carmen and Desiree made chocolate and coconut cupcakes.

Julie, Aurelie and Quentin were our judges and although they were impressed by both teams’ efforts, they decided that Carmen and Desiree’s cupcakes were best!

12575975_10156395705030612_1593299186_N (2)
Marie, Erik and Lulu 
12571058_10156395704400612_1362826757_N (3)
Carmen and Desiree

12607118_10156395704490612_1572567802_N (2)

12583674_10156395704005612_448221587_N (2)


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