Job Opportunities – Lexis Sydney – June

There are so many job opportunities available at the moment in Manly, Sydney.

With the previous two years providing a shortage of workers for most industries, tourism and hospitality have taken a huge hit. So much so, that you can essentially walk into any establishment and there’ll be work available.

Many students ask the best approach for getting a job, particularly with a variety of levels of English. The key component is to be yourself and not stress when applying, you’ll learn all of the skills on the job and shouldn’t be concerned with what you need to know or how good your English level is.

If you are ever concerned or unsure about how to approach an interview, come to the job workshop every Tuesday at 2pm for advice and resume writing sessions.

Now, the best place to way to obtain a job is of course walking in and introducing yourself to the general manager, but before you do that it is best to have a look at what is available.

Seek, Gumtree, and Facebook are three of the best websites to use in finding jobs suitable for students.

We also have a jobs board at Lexis in the student lounge, be sure to check it out for the latest job opportunities in Sydney.

Finding a job doesn’t have to be stressful, at Lexis we’re here to help, just be sure to come and see our friendly staff at reception or ask your teacher.

Happy Job hunting.



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