Happy Times with a Host Family

Kotoka Suminaga came to Noosa in December to join our Teen Activity Program known as TAP. 

An important part of this program is the opportunity to stay with an Australian family and experience  Australian culture.  We understand how nervous our students must feel and how anxious their parents are to send their children overseas, often for the first time.

That is why, our homestay coordinators, Cathy and Simona, are very careful to select comfortable and caring homes for our young TAP students.

Kotoka was lucky enough to be hosted by Deb & Andy Judd.

Kotoka with her host parents Debs and Andy

And we received this lovely email from her mother in Japan.

“Thank you very much for placing Kotoka with a wonderful family. She is having a great time.

They have taken her to the beach and shopping during weekend/public holiday.

She has been having such a great experience and I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart.



We cannot wait to hear from her all about her trip to in Australia. She was so happy when she spotted a wild koala at the beach.”


It was wonderful to receive such a positive email from her mother in Japan. It was a pleasure to have Kotoka spend time with us and we are very thankful to her fabulous hosts, Debs and Andy. 

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