Happy Student – Amin 🏄‍♂️

Today our Happy Student at Lexis Byron Bay is Amin!

Amin 2

Tell us a little about yourself Amin:
I am from Switerland and I live in Zuerich. I worked as a software engineer for the Swiss television. I decided to go to Byron Bay because I heard many good things about it and thought it would be a nice start for my trip. I stayed in Byron for six weeks.

Why did you choose Byron Bay?
I chose Byron Bay because I heard good things about it. I had a friend come here maybe six years ago and told me about it. So I did my research and I decided that it had the right mood for me.

Amin 5

What were your weaknesses in English before you came to Australia? Tell me more about your teachers and your classes.
I  think my weaknessess… I think grammar… and the speaking and the fluency.

I was with Claudia as my teacher, and I think the class was the right fit for me. It was my right level. And I liked the class because there were people there from other nationalities. I also liked the activties that we did in the class like the markets, having coffee and Secret Santa… yeah, it was fun.

What was your favourite activity?
I liked the Beer Testing! Haha, that was fun! But I did like the Coffee Club too. You know, it was nice to play games and get to know other people and get to know them better.


Tell me about your accommodation/homestay…
I stayed at the accommodation downstairs (onsite) and I liked it. The room is good, it has nice people and a good kitchen to cook meals in. I really liked the communal tables- there were always people to be with if you wanted! Yeah, I really enjoyed it 🙂

What are your favourite things to do in Byron?
Surfing! I only started surfing here and I like it! I first had lessons through the school… maybe four lessons, then I bought a board and have met some friends and go surfing with them everyday! I might have to resell the board when I leave, but if I can fit it in my car I will take it on my travels with me in Australia!

I also really like the nightlife and the mood here in Byron Bay. Like the muscians and the buskers. It’s just nice to be out at night.

Amin 3

What is your most magical moment in Byron?
Oh, this is a tough one… so many… I suppose, I think surfing at sunset at Tallows Beach. We saw dolphins and then they were swimming past us… yes, this was the most magical moment.

What did you like the most about Lexis Byron?
I like the people here. The students and the employees. The people are really helpful. Whenever I had a question I would go to reception and they would help me straight away. Also the mood for a school is good.

Amin 4

What is your advice for people who are thinking about enrolling at Lexis Byron Bay?
My advice… stay at the accomodation onsite because it is close to the school and you get to meet more people! But then I guess it depends on the person… I also suggest to plan a trip early, but also at the same time to be spontaneous too.

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