GV Noosa’s First Belgian Students

GV Noosa’s first ever students from Belgium, Cedric and Honorine, talk to us about their time in Australia so far…

Cedric And Honorine
Cedric and Honorine

How long have you been studying at GV Noosa?

Honorine: We’ve been studying at GV Noosa for 4 weeks.
Cedric: It’s our fourth week here and we’re planning to stay for one more month because we need to improve our English and we can feel it’s getting better.

Which course are you studying?

H: We started with Elementary and we are now in Pre-intermediate. It feels much better to be in a class where students all have the same level.
C: Yes, indeed, it’s really important. It was great to have a test when we first arrived, it’s different from our schools at home where everyone is taught the same things whether it’s their level or not…

Why did you choose Australia and Noosa in particular?

H: We first wanted to go to Ireland. We could have had a scholarship but we weren’t good enough at English to get it. We then looked for other destinations and were attracted by Australia. Some of our friends are living here and we heard loads of good things about this country. Australia means sun and beach to us…
C: Because we didn’t want too much of a city life we thought Noosa would be the best place to stay. It’s a small town, the weather’s really different from Belgium and it’s just beautiful!

Where are you staying?

H: We spent our first week in a backpackers but it ended up costing us too much money. We then found a host family where we are at the moment but will move out on Saturday because we have found a flat to share with a Korean Couple from school.
C: I think it’s a great experience to live in different accommodation. Backpackers are a good solution when you first arrive and don’t know where to go. Host families teach you so much; you get to know what the Aussie lifestyle is like, and improve your English of course. Finally, I believe in share houses you learn about other cultures too, which is great!

Do you have a part time job here in Noosa?

H: No, not yet… We’ll have to choose between getting a full time job or continuing our studies…
C: Yes I do, I found a job with a tourism company, I will create videos for trips and tours they offer.

What do you in Belgium?

H: I’ve just finished my interior design studies and then worked to earn a bit of money before leaving for Australia.
C: I’m a movie maker; I work for the National TV, for the news and for private companies.

What do you do in your spare time?

H: We go to the beach, enjoy Noosa, party, go to BBQs and to the supermarket..!
C: … and study! We do have homework..!

What’s the main difference between Noosa and your country?

Both: The weather! It makes people happier and more talkative.

What is your favourite café, shop or place in Noosa?

C: Koala Bar for parties! We haven’t really had time to try all the cafes yet.
H: Yes and Sunshine Beach is our favourite beach.

What do you most enjoy about studying at GV Noosa?

H: It’s a very good school. We are taken care of and looked after. The staff are always happy to help and want the best for their students.
C: Teachers seem happy to work here, the atmosphere is great, and it’s all about learning and having fun! They always have new methods to make sure we don’t get bored; it’s a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team! 

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