GV Noosa Teacher Feature

What’s the story with the guitar music coming out of that corner classroom?  Find out more about one of GV Noosa’s most popular teachers, Mike Mooney…..


                                                                                                                                           How long have you been teaching at GV Noosa, and what did you do before you worked here?

I’ve been teaching at GV Noosa since December 2007.  I used to practice law, working as a lawyer for 3 years in New Zealand and 6 years in California, but I had taught Mathematics before the law career.

Do you speak another language, and what was your biggest challenge in learning it?

I speak a little Spanish, but never lived in a Spanish speaking country to really be immersed in the language.

Which class are you teaching at the moment?

I teach FCE exam preparation.  My current class is nearly finished and they have all done very well. 

Please tell us about one student in your class who you feel has made outstanding progress.

Ines Marder [pictured next to Mike in the black top] has made outstanding progress – her first practice reading exam was quite low, but 10 weeks later she nearly got a perfect score on a similar test!

What do you enjoy most about teaching at GV Noosa?

I enjoy the students from the various countries and cultures – all seem happy and eager to learn English.

If you weren’t a teacher, which job do you think you’d be doing now?

If I wasn’t a teacher I suppose I’d be practicing law in Brisbane, but I love living in Noosa for the easy-going lifestyle and the access to the outstanding beaches.

What is your favourite cafe, restaurant, shop or place in Noosa?

My favourite spot in Noosa is the Krung Thep Thai restaurant – the food is amazingly delicious!

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