GV Noosa Students Have Creative Talent

Todays activity involved painting the official banner for our GV’s Got Talent show which will be held on Friday 02 July 2010 at 2pm.

Gvbannermaking 033

Around 20 students today took part in painting a letter or adding their own creative piece of art to the GV’s Got Talent banner which looks absolutely amazing. Some students decided to brand a piece of their culture onto the banner so painted traditional symbols and flags whilst others decided to paint what Noosa means to them. So of course a big bright sun, palm tree and beach were an added feature! Thanks to all the students who contributed!

Gvbannermaking 006 Gvbannermaking 025

If you have a special talent or would like to show off any skills that you have, sign up for the GV’s Got Talent show on the noticeboard or come and see Cindy at the activity desk. There are some fantastic prizes to be won!

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