GV Noosa Student Feature

This week we interviewed Hermann and Jasmine Poletti to find out what studying English as a married couple is like.


Why did you choose Australia and Noosa in particular?

Jasmine: It was always my dream to come to Australia and after teaching for sixteen years I had some paid holiday which I could use. I needed to improve my English in order to teach it to my primary students in Switzerland. My mother asked me if the people in Australia spoke ‘proper English’ which I think is very funny. Of course they do.

 Hermann: My friends had told me what a beautiful place Australia was and how friendly the people were, so I decided to come with my wife. Also, it is too cold in England and we wanted somewhere warm.

Jasmine: We went to an agent, Rolf Frischknecht and he told us about Noosa and showed us photographs. We fell in love with the place immediately. Noosa looked smaller and more friendly than the big cities that we were considering. I am so happy that Mr Frischnecht recommended it, Noosa is Paradise.

What is your favourite place in Noosa?

Jasmine: Sunshine Beach. We live near the beach and the National Park. It is quieter than the main tourist area of Noosa but there are great restuarants there and we can walk to school, it is perfect.

Hermann: We often have a meal or a coffee at the Italian restaurant at Sunshine Beach. The staff are so friendly and we can talk to them in English which is good practice.

Have you found it a problem to be an ‘older’ student?

Jasmine: Not at all. We have had a nice time and great contact with the other students. I think it depends on your personality. We all have the same aim, which is to have a good time and learn English. Everyone is friendly and open minded.

Hermann: I have really enjoyed making friends with people from all around the world.  I like to talk to different nationalities. The age gap has not been a problem at all. Although, I had very little English when I arrived, I had good teachers and I can understand much more now and I talk to everyone. My class have all exchanged contact details and will keep in touch.

Jasmine: Yes, my class has been great. There are many Swiss students in the Cambridge program but we all speak in English. In fact, when I heard one girl speak in Swiss recently it sounded so strange.

What would you say about the school?

Hermann: I thought it was good to have more than one teacher as they had different teaching methods. I also enjoyed the afternoon option classes which were fun. During GIL (self study time) there was a teacher available to help me. In fact I really liked that the door was always open to the teacher’s room and I felt that I was welcome to ask questions at any time.  The same for the Director, she is always available and willing to help.

Jasmine: I did the Cambridge First Certificate  course, it is hard work but great. I really enjoyed the activity program as they were always fun with a good choice and lots of possibilities to learn English .

 Do you have any other comments?

Jasmine: For older students it is a great opportunity to take some time for yourself. We both work hard and the chance to be ‘a student’ again and to have no responsibilities was wonderful. We have both had a wonderful time and are already planning to return.

Hermann: Yes, I agree with Jasmine. The chance to relax and think only about ourselves has been perfect. I have learnt much more than just English. The school has been better than expected and we feel sad to be leaving.


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