Graduation 31.01.20.

Graduation Quote College Nora Ephron


Congratulations to all our students graduating today. Wishing you all the best & We hope enjoyed your time at Lexis Brisbane. 🎉🎉

James Class E1580428030692
Isabella & Aziz Aykan from Advanced class.
Melitas Class 1 E1580431962812
Kazuma from Elementary class
Bens Class E1580432124199
Roman from Intermediate class
Zacks Class E1580432218966
Jefferson from Intermediate class
Emmas Class 1 E1580432588973
Honoka from Upper Intermediate class
Rachels Class E1580432768786
Carine from Upper Intermediate class
Alisons Class E1580432309370
Ema from CAE class
Snapchat 1885642106 E1580440804314
Wipawanee from Pre- Intermediate class
Eugenes Class E1580441462168
Coline from IELTS class
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