Byron Bay – Meet this week’s fabulous graduating students – 28 April 2023

Ten of our favourite students are graduating this week. Some of them such as Keiko have been at Lexis Byron Bay for a long time and others for only a few weeks but they all made an impact with their teachers and fellow students.

Graduating Student, Nao, With Her Elementary Classmates

Nao is graduating from our Elementary class today. Her teacher said that it was an absolute pleasure to teach her and that she is a polite, positive and hard-working student. During her time at Lexis there has been a big improvement in all her skills, especially grammar and speaking.

Meanwhile, our Intermediate class says goodbye to Hikaru and Taki.

Graduating Students Taki And Hikaru
Hikaru (with Taki behind her)

Taki and Hikaru‘s teacher said that it has been a real pleasure to teach them and learn about their culture. She said Taki is relaxed, and he brought a great attitude to class.  He was always eager to learn and find out more about his classmates. He has been very popular in his class and has made a lot of friends. His grammar and listening skills are excellent and he is graduating with a grade A.

Hikaru has also improved a lot over the eight weeks that she has been at Lexis, especially in grammar. She is a quiet achiever and she is also graduating with a grade A.

 Leonie is graduating from our CAE class. Her teacher said that it has been lovely having her in the class. Her command of the English language is excellent and across all skill areas she has shown herself to be quite competent. She has made valuable contributions to the lessons and her willingness to participate in all activities has been wonderful.

Graduating Student, Janire, With Her Ielts Class
Janire (with Elias behind her)
Malena Is Graduating From Ielts

Elias, Janire and Malena are all graduating from our IELTS class today.

Elias is a wonderful student who has studied hard, joined in with the activities and really took responsibility for his learning. His English has also improved a lot, in particular his fluency.

Janire’s teacher praised her enthusiasm and  thanked her for bringing her enjoyment of her life here in Byron to the lessons. She said her English has also improved a lot in her time here, in particular her fluency and accuracy.

Malena completed CAE before joining our IELTS class. Her current teacher said that it was lovely to have her in the class for the last month. She is a wonderful student who studies hard, asks the right questions and gets on well with her classmates. Her English has also improved a lot, in particular her vocabulary.

Our Upper Intermediate class says farewell to Kanade, Joost, and Keiko

Kanade started at Lexis in our Elementary class back in October so has done really well to progress to Upper Intermediate. Her teacher said she has been a lovely addition to the class for the last two weeks and suggested that because of her sweet and quiet nature, she shouldn’t forget to find ways to practice her speaking and conversation skills.

Keiko has also been at Lexis for a long time (40 weeks in total!)  and we’re sad to see her go. She has been a wonderful student and she worked very hard in all her classes including FCE and IELTS. Her teacher suggested to keep listening to songs and watching movies in English to help with her listening skills.

Finally, everyone loved having Joost  in class! He added such great insights to class discussions and worked really hard in class to progress in just four weeks. His teacher recommended watching surf films, with and without subtitles, for an extra challenge.

We wish all our graduating students all the best and hope that they have a safe onward trip. If you are ever back in Byron, please pop in and say ‘hello’. We always love to catch up with ex-students.


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