Fraser Island Safari

A group of thirteen GV Noosa students have just returned from a three day getaway to world famous Fraser Island.


It started with an early morning Saturday pick up in a luxury 4WD coach, specially desiged to access Fraser, which is the world’s largest sand island.  From there, it was off to see the coloured sands on the beaches of Noosa North Shore, then a short drive to the ferry across to Fraser.

Over the three days, the group explored a great part of the island, going as far as Indian Heads.  Much of the trip was to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Fraser, but there wa also time for dune surfing and swimming in the crystal clear fresh water lakes.

In the evening, the group chilled out at the beach house, playing pool, enjoying a few drinks and great meals. 

The group finally returned to Noosa on Monday afternoon, completely exhausted and with some great memories to take home with them.

Check out for more information on the trip, and go to the GV Noosa Facebook page at to see more photos. If you went on the trip and have some shots on your camera, why not load them up as well for everyone to enjoy!

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