First Stop on Honeymoon is GV Noosa!

Jae Ho Lee, Josh to his friends, came straight from the airport to GV Noosa today to introduce us to his new bride, Eun Hye, Yeam.

Jae Ho

Josh studied in our Cambridge program in 2007 and was the first Korean student with us to pass the Cambridge Advanced Exam. As a result he secured a job as a banker with KEB, (Korea Exchange Bank) and hopes to get a position with them in Australia in the future.

Josh and Eun Hye married on the weekend and he couldn’t wait to bring his beautiful bride to GV Noosa and introduce her to us. He was happy to see his teachers still here and said he treasured his memories of his time in Noosa.

We wish Josh and Eun Hye a wonderful honeymoon and every blessing for their future. Thanks for coming back to say hello to us.

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