FCE Students Recall Their Time In Noosa

My Time in Paradise

I would like to talk about my experience at Global Village Noosa. I had the time of my life in this small and charming city. I had so much fun, made lots of friends from everywhere and enjoyed every single day!

The Cambridge course was very important for me. I would advise everyone to take this course. Now, I’m much more confident with my English.

I will have just perfect memories and funny stories about Noosa and GV. And I will never forget everyone that I met here.

Thanks GV for all your support and for this great time that I had at GV Noosa! I will never forget it!

I had the best time ever!!

Fernanda Moura

The Most wonderful class I have ever had 

When I first went into the Cambridge Class (FCE), I was a little bit afraid, because I knew this course was really difficult. I will never forgot the first day when I realised there was only one Taiwanese and that was me. I was shocked. I thought if I don’t understand what the teacher says or what my classmates say it will be a really big problem for me.

After two weeks, I still thought this course was very tough but solid, you could learn a lot from it. On the other hand, teacher Sharon was always kind and patient for every student. She never said NO or rejected the answer to any questions from us. She always smiled and helped us to find the best answer.

Even though I was the only Taiwanese student in the class, all of my classmates were really friendly. Moreover we had a cooking night every Thursday, it was really nice and interesting, because we came from different countries. If we wanted to communicate with  each other, we  had to speak English not our own language. This cooking time meant not only could you eat different kinds of food but also improve your English a lot.

This class was the most wonderful class I have ever had. I love my classmates, teacher and everything that happened in the class. I think I will really miss them.


My time at GV Noosa


Taking the FCE course has meant for me spending time with great people from different countries such Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Brazil. It has been so interesting having a conversation with someone who comes from a different culture and speaks a completely different language than me. I could see that there were many similarities and differences between us, but despite the differences we get on very well. As a group we set up a cooking night as an activity that took place every week, in which we cooked meals from the different countries that we came from. That allowed us to know more about other cultures and made us get closer as a group.

Even though the FCE course is more intensive than the General English, Sharon, our teacher, made us have a fun time, doing some games and having lollies as a prize! I think I have learned a lot during these weeks and I feel my English has improved. The FCE course is so important for the people that are taking the exam, but even if you don’t take the exam, like me, I’d totally recommend taking this course.

Alejandra Aragon

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