Noosa – 6 Exceptional Graduates Leaving us Today – 21 July

Lexis English Noosa Bids Farewell to 6 Exceptional Graduating Students This Friday: Celebrating Their Journey and Success!

Today we bid a heartfelt farewell to five exceptional international students. These remarkable individuals, Raul from Brazil, Siao-Pei from Taiwan, Luis Manuel from Switzerland, Kosuke from Japan, Pimchaya from Thailand, and Ai from Japan, have not only conquered the challenges of language learning but also forged unforgettable memories during their time at Lexis English Noosa. As they embark on their next adventures, let’s take a moment to celebrate their journey and the profound impact they have left on our campus.

Exceptional Students!

Siao Pei


As these six exceptional students leave Lexis English Noosa this Friday, their departure leaves a bittersweet feeling in the hearts of the staff and their fellow students. Each one of them has left an indelible mark on the campus, enriching the cultural fabric and inspiring us all to embrace diversity, strive for growth, and cultivate lasting friendships. As they embark on new journeys, we wish Raul, Siao-Pei, Luis Manuel, Kosuke, Pimchaya, and Ai all the success and happiness that the world has to offer. The memories they created and the lessons they learned at Lexis English Noosa will forever be cherished, and they will always have a second home here among the Lexis family.

Farewell and good luck!

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