Everybody wants to go ‘OUT & ABOUT’

Over the past three weeks students have enjoyed completing GV’s popular exclusive STUDY program ‘OUT & ABOUT’.

‘OUT & ABOUT’ is an alternative fun learning program combining real life learning experiences with English classes in Noosa Australia.

Out And About 939

Recent program highlights have included Golf, Boating in Noosa River, Mount Coolum Hiking, Tennis, Noosa Surf Life Saving, Master Chef and Social Aussie Barbecues. 
‘OUT & ABOUT’ starts again today with a new class of excited students.

Lastday Oa 4

Lastday Oa 13

The ‘OUT & ABOUT’ program allows students to interact with people from the local community to help expand their social and language speaking skills.

Lastday Oa 10
Andy who is studying for 3 months at GV Noosa, loved the program and his teacher 🙂

Congratulations to those students who have just completed their ‘OUT & ABOUT’ program. You worked extremely hard and well together as a team. Teacher Nathan  had a wonderful time, sharing with you this amazing learning experience.

Out And About 1011

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