The best part of my job is listening to the students talk about their lives here. Dauton, who has been here for a long time, had a really nice chat with me this morning. It was wonderful to hear his story of his life in Perth…

“My name is Dauton and I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro a very busy city in Brazil.  I have been in Perth almost two years and have been studying English since then.

When I first arrived in Australia I couldn’t speak or use English at all. It was to be honest quite difficult but I was quite lucky as I lived in a homestay for the first two months. This made my life a lot easier as the host family were really kind. They really helped introduce me to Australia, showed me around and practised with me daily. They really helped with my first steps of my here in Perth.

Since then life has changed dramatically. I am currently studying the Cambridge Advanced preparation course which means that my English has obviously REALLY changed.  My language skills are quite up to the level of where I want them to be, but I’m getting there.  It’s hard for me to explain how different it feels now from when I first arrived. Being in a country at the start where I couldn’t understand much at all, to now, where I am very comfortable with being able to have complex conversations.

In the CAE class I feel that I am really learning and that I feel that I can see tangible results of improvements in my language.  I want to express special thanks to my teachers here, especially Dave and Don. I have learnt a wide variety of different language skills form both the CAE and IELTS classes and it’s been so helpful.

I have worked quite a lot since I have been here and my last job was as a delivery driver.   I found this job through a friend of mine here and it was a good job. I am currently not working as I wanted to devote myself to really studying hard for the CAE course as my number one priority now is to have an excellent command of the language.

Perth is a great place. It’s a safe place to live; there are lots of opportunities both for life and for traveling around.  I have been to both the north and south coasts of W.A. and wow, they are beautiful.


My entire experience in Australia has been life changing. Learning English has been an important part of the experience but the whole experience has been a massive learning curve for me. In Brazil my life was really busy; I didn’t have any time at all. I had an enormously responsible job working as the manager of an intensive care unit in a big hospital in Rio, which I’m sure you can understand, was very stressful. My life there was basically all about work and I had almost no time for life itself.  In Perth life is very different, I have been able to relax, socialise and take time out to feel alive and engaged with life. I have made some great friends and have had the time to do that!”

Thanks Dauton. Great to hear! 

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