Noosa – Fun and Competitive “Guess Where” game – 9 August

Attention All Lexis English Students: You are About to Embark on a Cultural Adventure with “Guess Where!”

Ladies and gentlemen, students and explorers, welcome aboard to this linguistic journey brought to you by Lexis English!

This is your Captain Julia speaking. As we cruise through your Wednesday afternoon, we invite you to fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an exhilarating experience unlike any other. We proudly present to you our in-flight entertainment: “Guess Where” – a game that will take you to experience new heights!

We are presently flying at thirty-nine thousand feet on our flight from Noosa to our Final Destination: Cultural Enrichment, and we are expecting a little turbulence, so buckle up, as we embark on a virtual expedition around the world without ever leaving the confines of this classroom! “Guess Where” is not just a game; it’s a cultural adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the excitement of discovery. Imagine traversing continents and cultures with nothing but your wits and teamwork as your guide.

In teams, you’ll be presented with a series of images showcasing iconic landmarks and fascinating customs. Your mission? To deduce the country each set of images and customs represents.

Our cultural journey is about to begin. Prepare to be captivated, informed, and entertained as we soar through different countries and customs.

Remember that learning knows no borders, and the world is your classroom.

Welcome aboard, TEAM SUNSHINE!

Guess Where Game

Welcome aboard, TEAM OCEAN!

Guess Where Game


The day’s event comprised three engaging games. Commencing with a Kahoot session featuring iconic images from various global locations.

Team OCEAN triumphed in the opening match. They were quicker and answered more questions correctly compared to the SUNSHINE team.


In our second game, we explored the theme of “Unusual Traditions Around the Globe.” Students were challenged to identify the countries associated with distinct customs, ranging from tossing baby teeth onto rooftops to placing newborns on streets for strangers to leap over, symbolizing the cleansing of sins.

Team SUNSHINE emerged victorious by a slim margin of 1 point, thanks to Anlita’s extensive knowledge of Thai culture. Anlita highlighted how writing a person’s name in red is considered highly impolite in both Thai and Korean cultures.

Moving on to our third game, we engaged in a “Crack the Code” activity. Participants were tasked with deciphering patterns derived from various scenarios set in “Julia’s World.” Both teams demonstrated remarkable skills and achieved a score of 1 point each.

The ultimate showdown came in the form of a final match, determining TEAM SUNSHINE as the champions of our Guess Where games afternoon. Their well-earned reward consisted of a box of chocolate cookies and individual $20.00 vouchers from KB’s!

Team OCEAN‘s prize was a box of mini-Oreos.

Guess Where Game

They all thought it was really fun and learned something new about the beautiful, yet different world we live in.

Thank you for choosing to fly with Lexis English Noosa, where education and adventure take flight together!

We hope to see you all again this Friday for our Tie Dye Socks activity with Skyla.

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