Clap for Capoeira

GV students Johnny and Ananda perform traditional Brazilian Capoeira with dance, fight, body and soul.

Nadia realised that wearing a skirt to College today was not such a good idea.  Capoeira involves high kicks and leggy tricks which a pair of pants are highly recommended for wear (not a skirt).  Students gathered in a circle to observe the fine art and high energy performance by Ananda and Johnny who took centre stage, as martial art experts.  As the traditional Brazilian music played from Johnny’s iPod, movement took place and the a chant of student  clapping hands filled the common room.  The teachers were gradually drawn to the ritualistic atmosphere of rhythmical spirit and shared the entertainment for the afternoon.

Followed by their performance, Johnny and Ananda gave students the opportunity to learn some capoeira moves.  It was an exciting way to finish school for the day and we hope to see more Capoeira  Demonstrations in the near future.

A big thankyou to Johnny and Ananda for their outstanding efforts!


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