Christmas in Byron Bay 🎄

Christmas in Byron Bay can be hard for students to get their head around.


It’s been said around the campus “but it doesn’t feel like Christmas! It’s too hot!” or similarly “there’s no snow, and not many people have lights up!”


For a few of the students from colder climates in the Northern Hemisphere the idea of no snow, or a hot Christmas is unheard of!


Much like everything else, Aussie’s just do Christmas differently.


For Christmas lunch or dinner many will have a traditional roast, though additionally the barbie will be fired up! Prawns are very popular to have in the Summer time. It’s also not uncommen to find the men around the BBQ, women in the kitchen getting everything else ready, and chilren playing under a sprinkler or swimming in a pool.


And for dessert we have pavlova with fruit on top. Sometimes in the shape of a Christmas Wreath. Christmas Pudding will still be feautured, though because it is Summer the fruits are a favoured choice.


Then in the afternoon if you’re not napping and sleeping off your Christmas lunch, you might play a game of beach/ backyard cricket! It might be children vs. adults, cousins vs. ‘the other’ cousins, or boys vs. girls. It’s all about having fun, being silly and not taking it all too seriously.


It can be an unusual adjustment, though Christmas in Australia can still be enjoyed! Spend time with friends, and create your own traditions. Swim at the beach, play cricket in the backyard, and revel in the fact that you’re in a t-shirt! Make memories that will last that can be shared back home and one day you can say “I had a Christmas at the beach one year!” 





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